What To Post On Instagram For Guys (Photo Ideas)

Being new to Instagram can feel a bit overwhelming. I remember the first time that I used it, I wondered who could see my posts and how I could expand my connections. I also struggled to come up with photo ideas.

Instagram for guys : Compelling Ideas for your Instagram Feed

Is Instagram for guys? After first downloading and casually scrolling for a few minutes, I found myself wondering whether the site was meant to appeal to the male demographic. I am happy to report that literally anyone can use and enjoy the app. Since I am now comfortable with the app, I wanted to make this article as a guide to Instagram for guys. 

The first question that you should ask yourself is “what kind of a feed do I want?” Your feed could focus on your personal life without any specific topic, or it could focus entirely on a specific interest or subject. Whether you are interested in 1970's vampires or tiny houses, you will find people of interest to follow.

Create a Feed Based on Your Hobbies

If you are an artist, consider posting artwork such as drawings, paintings or comics to your Instagram feed. It can be a great motivator to set social media goals around the creation of art. For example, you can commit to posting a new drawing once a day. Posting regularly will not only improve your skills, it could expand your audience or even lead to job opportunities.

If you can’t draw there are still a myriad of picture ideas you can use for your Instagram account. You could post about collecting albums, the history of baseball cards, your 1980's Nintendo cartridges or your woodworking projects. Really anything that interests you could become a popular Instagram feed.

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Post Pictures of your Adventures

If you are a frequent traveler, the app is a great place for posting pictures of your journeys. While other social media platforms focus more on writing or communicating, this app revolves almost entirely around images and videos. Post pictures of your latest camping trip or museum excursion. You will be surprised how many people will respond to your Instagram photos.

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Show Them how You're Living!

Your feed can simply revolve around your lifestyle. If you like live music, why not present pictures of bands you see in concert? Better still you can simply present pictures of yourself having fun with your friends.

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Pictures from a Professional Photo Shoot

If you are interested in professional photography, your Instagram photos could help get you noticed. The app draws many people interested in fashion and photography. If you are an amateur model or a photographer with a gift for beautiful and compelling images, there are many users with whom you can share your artistic gifts.

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As a final point, your feed doesn’t have to revolve around gaining more followers. Many people keep their Instagram private and share only with a circle of trusted people. Feel free to use it to express yourself. Just don't forget to explore and make friends while you're at it.

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