Pros & Cons Of Using Lightroom Presets (+Inspiration For Aesthetic Instagram Feed)

Photographers continue to be extremely divided over Lightroom presets. The number of those who appreciate the consistent feed they provide is equally matched by those who would much rather customise their photos manually. There is no clear answer as to which method is better. As with so many other things in life, it fundamentally comes down to a question of personal preference. 

Pros ✅

1) Lightroom presets can save you time editing your pictures

The vast majority of professional Lightroom filters will carry out high-quality lens corrections, noise reduction, sharpening, white balance, and tone adjustments. In addition to enhancing overall image quality, these filters are therefore a great time-saver.

2) Lightroom presets can help you generate consistent and cohesive Instagram feed

The variation of colour treatments available through Lightroom presets is immense, ranging all the way from split tones to high or low saturation level s, providing a degree of uniqueness to all your pictures. This provides a great deal of artistic and stylistic expression, which is especially useful for people just starting out and exploring their own personal preferences. By using certain presets on your Instagram feed consistently, you can create an aesthetic and coherent theme.

3) Lightroom presets can help you achieve high-quality images with just one click

A lot of people do not have the time to become experts with every new gadget and app, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. With Lightroom, the learning process is particularly intensive and requires a certain degree of background knowledge and experience in the field. However, by utilising filters you can produce extremely high-quality photos simply at the touch of a button.

Cons ❌

By using presets you neglect to put as much effort into researching how to improve your editing skills and proficiency with Lightroom. If you simply wish to keep producing photos for fun, this is of course of no consequence. If you are looking into becoming a professional photographer though, it is crucial that you study the editing process in detail. In this case filters could hinder your learning.

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